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ABC-Ortho silicic acid
Ⅰ. General Information
1) Silicic acid is very important for optimal plant health.
2) ABC Ortho silicic acid Si(OH)4 have 20,000 times higher water solubility and 2~5 times higher uptake ability than other silicic acid.
3) When added water, ABC Ortho silicic acid break apart into monomer form, this is how silicon becomes immediately and rapidly available to plants.
4) Ortho-silicic acid is well mixed with pesticides and fertilizers
Ⅱ. Method
1,000 ~ 2,000 times foliar spray, 1~2count every 7day,3 L/ha
Ⅲ. Ingredient
SiO2 Si(OH)4 Zn MnO
5 8 0.05 0.1
Heather A. Currie, and Carole C. Perry Ann Bot