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Inorganic and organic fertilizer

  • ABC Amino-king
    Multi-functional compound basic fertilizer, For organic, compost, and fertilizer application
    Nutrient &Contents
    N 4%, B2O3 28%, Mn 0.1%, Zn 0.05%
  • ABC Micro-Combi Liquid
    Quick recovery from a physiological disorder due to microelement deficiencies
    Nutrient &Contents
    MgO 3%, FeO 4%, Zn 3%, MnO 3%, Mn 0.01%, Cu0.2%, L-Type amino acid
  • ABC Boron
    Concentrated liquid boric acid for quick recovery from a boron deficiency
    Nutrient &Contents
    N 4%, B2O3 28%, Mn 0.1%, Zn 0.05%
  • ABC-CalB
    Combined calcium and boron to recover from the physiological disorder
    Nutrient &Contents
    CaO 14%, B2O3 4.5%
  • Growth
    Physiological growth promotion by quick absorption of liquid nitrogen fertilizer
    Nutrient &Contents
    N 17%, Urea-N 7%, NO3-N 6.5%, NH3+-N 3.5%, K 2O 1%, CaO 4%, MgO 2%
  • 2030 PK
    Cost-effective concentrated liquid phosphate fertilizer
    Nutrient &Contents
    P 20%, K2O 30%, B2O3, Mo
  • Agroforce3020
    Disease prevention and physiological growth promotion at the same time
    Nutrient &Contents
    P2O5 30%, K2O 20%
  • ABC Sugarwin
    Sugar content enhancing fertilizer for fast effect
    Nutrient &Contents
    N 1%, P 59%, K 5% Polysaccharide, Amino acid
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