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ABC Virus
Ⅰ. General Information
1) Excellent efficacy on control various viruses.
2) Protect viruses spread by strengthen crop surface.
3) Soil drenching and foliar spraying and natural plant extract product.
Ⅱ. Application Method
Time Method Diltion Target
Before transplanting Soil drenching 1~2L/1,000m˙ 20ml/20L water (1,000times) CGMMV, TSWV, CMV, PMMoV
Before infection / after infection Foliar spraying for 3~5 times interval 7days 40ml/20L water (500times)
Ⅲ. Mode of Action
  • Botanical plant extract


    Virus killing Enhances plant immunity

  • Synergistic materials


    Infection prevention Host plant Coating